Warm Call Transfers (Bantam Call Center Verified and Qualified) and Inbound IVR Call Transfers

Warm Transfer insurance leads are Bantam Connect's hallmark consumer engagement solution. Delivering 100% contact rates with a guaranteed call duration, Bantam's warm call transfers bridge the consumer's quoting profile and intent to purchase with the agent's product mix and customer-focused sales approach.

Bantam's Call Center is powered by experienced insurance sales and customer service representatives (CSRs) who are highly trained and motivated to generate measurable quality warm call transfers. Before Bantam's CSRs make outbound calls, our real-time lead matching technology accurately aligns the consumer's insurance quote profile to the available plans of our partner carriers and agencies. With a total quality process, Bantam Connect's warm call transfers deliver sales productivity (effective quoting and close rates) while fostering long-term value and satisfaction to both insurance companies and consumers.

Flexible Warm Call Transfer Targeting and Quoting Filters

  • Geography: State, ZIP Code
  • Flexible Scheduling: Day-of-week (weekday, weekend), Time-of-Day (daytime, overnight).

Customizable Insurance Warm Transfer Programs

  • Inbound Warm Transfers (IVR): Bantam Conntect's IVR system routes inbound insurance quote request calls directly to carrier/broker/agents. Click-to-Call programs available.
  • Performance-driven Programs: Flexible segmentation, contract terms and cost-per-transfer pricing that align with filters, volume, and conversion to policy sales.
  • Data Lead and Rating-System Integrations: Custom lead delivery integrations with CRMs, dialing systems and insurance rater systems.
  • Insurance Call Center Outsourcing Solutions: Bantam's secure and trained call center environment supports outsourcing of both licensed on non-licensed agent processes.